About Me

First cards , then internet. Based on this joke by Edwin Poché.

The Generator Generator
The logical conclusion to online generators.

Happy Hour Jingles
Edwin and I set out to write 10 jingles in one happy hour .
We accidentally wrote 11.

Robert Moses' Portfolio
A tribute to one of the busiest city planners of the 20th century.

How to Say Mitt Romney in Different Languages (New!)
My project from a parody hackathon event.

Where's Walldo?
The redditors hated this one.

Virtual Shower
Do you stink? Don't click on this. Go take a real shower.
Want to relax, clear your mind, and escape? You've found the right thing.
Ended up on some lists and homepages.

A purple magic fox from outer space.

Non-project links: screenies , www.callnowforsounds.com

Updated December 2014